Tales of a Tree-Hugging Attorney

greening my way through the legal world

Tree Hugger
This journal has turned into therapeutic help for dealing with everything law. I graduated in 2011 from a Northeast law school and just took my first "real lawyering job" in DC in September 2011. In the archives, you can see that I used to be an engineer in Texas. But I knew that the change I wanted to make required a law degree. So I risked financial security and moved across the country (with a husband a bulldog) to make it happen. After failing the bar, it was a struggle to remember that sometimes having a dream means not giving up on yourself no matter how tempting it might be. Fortunately, I passed the second time around - and am ready to be a "real" lawyer. Whatever that means.

I am grateful for blogging because it reminds me that, despite the isolation that the legal industry can promote, we're not alone. And, despite the stereotypes, there are actually some really great well-adjusted attorneys out there. It's just a matter of finding them.

I love hearing from readers. My email is treehugginglawyer@gmail.com.