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viva la ethics

MPRE (otherwise known as the ethics portion of the bar exam) is tomorrow. eek.
fortunately my immaturity clever study skills have allowed me to really understand two critical points1 (as illustrated by the following two questions):

1. True or false: whatever happens in vegas, stays in vegas.2
2. Non-ethical lawyer is to Ethical lawyer as Hooker is to ?3

1that's basically all i got. which is relatively concerning.[↩]
2false if you're a lawyer. turns out that whole "ethical" thing carries over worldwide 24/7. so, though it might be tempting to party like you're in The Hangover, try to resist.[↩]
3Ho. How, you might ask? Well, turns out that lawyers may solicit their services for free. However, should they wish to be reimbursed a la Pretty Woman style, gonna need to rely on something other than in-person, live telephone or real-time electronic contact. thus please note that the below tactic (of course trading the getup for one's ivy-league adorned letter jacket whilst also showing some leg and propositioning someone in exchange for "directions") is not recommended for an ethical lawyer-to-be. good to know. though i do really hope that they begin the test tomorrow morning by asking, "everyone that goes to law school has a dream. what's your dream?" that would be rad. with a capital r.[↩]

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Good luck! Hope you and my hubs pass this monster.
well? how'd it go??