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about to make a home run

it's always hardest for me to remain present when things are nearing an end. this is particularly troublesome in law school, since i tend to space out at the most critical moments (ie: finals) and am only cognizant and tuned in at the beginning. this is why i am exceptionally good at reiterating the 30,000 foot view of any class - but can never rarely regurgitate facts. motivation and i? we're on the outs. that said, i am trying since i'm scared as $%&! of the upcoming job market to stay positive during the last week and really get the most out of things. i have an upcoming final review on friday - and i'm already wondering how one says (without laughing, crying, or puking), "so, um, can this be my first big girl lawyering job? please?" since i think people may frown on bringing scotch to the agency, i will just try some breathing tactics and raise the roof in the bathroom to cheer myself up beforehand. need preemptively crying over spilled milk.

i have LOTS of stuff1 to talk about, but, instead, allow me to first say that today something INCREDIBLE happened. lest i give away where i am interning2 i will simply say that i met the real deal today. the man at the top. the big cheese. the pico to my gallo.3 and you know what? he did. not. let. me. down. there are some people that say a lot of things but never follow through. to a large degree, i feel like that about law school. you get tons (upon tons) of theory but there isn't always real world substance. well this guy was different. he was passionate. enthused. and terribly, terrifically, effective. he has singlehandedly revitalized the environmental and energy sectors. and, when one of the other interns asked him what drives him - and what his "most valuable professional moment"4 had been he said it was when he was just starting out. he said he would go to the grocery store and people would stop him just to tell him thank you for trying to make things better. and, if i'm being real, that's exactly what i want one day. it seems trite to even say this via blog - but i basically credit this person with driving me toward law school.5

he still believes the world is worth saving. and that one person really can make a difference. in a single conversation i felt like i had been restored. it was as if, somewhat magically, a bit of the cynicism toward my soon-to-be profession was replenished with a word that i sometimes forget. hope.

sometimes a really tree huggery intern's dreams do come true.


up later: in less inspiring, but still blog-worthy news, i have done more than i ever wanted to do a fair amount of touristing since the last post - and will give a brief my next post. you know, so i can read it later and remember what my first few months in DC were like.6

1some of which may even interest the people around me!
2and lest you judge me profusely.
3in a completely professional non-sexual way.
4despite how wretchedly awkward asking something like that is.
5and for (virtually) being there when i wanted to drop out all of 1L. and 2L, if we're being honest.
6let's call a spade a spade. my memory is, um, not so good. please humor me. it will be one of the last obnoxious picture posts. :)
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