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sis-in-law, MD

ever since the bar ordeal wrapped up, i haven't had much to say.
work is work.
and, now that i'll have a license to lose because i know it's dumb, i won't be blogging about that anyway.
so what to talk about?
good stuff has been happening.
my cousin got married. and the wedding sort of doubled as a family reunion, which was great.
my sister-in-law graduated from medical school:
(note: in case you were wondering, i was a good foot in front of them in this pic, hence my giant-ness.)

so...lots to celebrate.
AND today we finished moving DH out of his digs in philly. which means no more double rent!!!


cute dress!


This is way late, but congrats on the passage!!


and whoops, that is from me--Summery Judgment :)


it's july, b t dub. update your freakin blog. :)