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moving, apparently, is stressful

according to this website, moving is the 3rd most stressful thing in life. granted, #1 and #2 (death of a loved one and divorce) are much more intense (to say the least), but i was sort of shocked to see that moving really is that stressful.

the census bureau claims that, after turning 18, the average person moves 9.1 times in their lifetime. this marks move number 17 for me since 18. already. what is wrong with me?

i remember when i decided go to law school, my friends correctly pointed out that i had not, in fact, loved school. kind of hated high school. disliked undergrad (both schools). and yet, i couldn't get enough education. in my darkest moments, i even fantasize about getting more education - but am quickly brought back to reality after taking a quick look at my loan balances. so maybe moving is the same thing? it hurts so good?

all i know is that we decided to do this a little differently this time. no one felt like driving a uhaul across the country, so we signed up with abf this time around. and this bad boy was just dropped off in our front yard:

giant truck

such a blessing and a curse to have so many things.

such a blessing and a curse to orchestrate a move back to home state with an almost one-year-old.

such a blessing and a curse to be so sarcastic and sleep-deprived that i alternate between maniacally crying and laughing.

moving gods, be with us.




I used abf once and overall was pleased. That said, once your belongings are loaded and secured, take pictures. When it arrives at your destination, before unsecuring and unloading, take pictures once again. Practicing some CYA never hurts. (My claim was paid in full).