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life update

as predicted, i haven't had much time to blog.

and then, when i sit down to blog, i can't think of what to say.

the pregnancy has been challenging. don't get me wrong, i am still very happy and feel very blessed to be having this baby (it's a BOY!), but it hasn't been super easy. i was sick for the first 19 weeks or so. then i woke up one morning and couldn't hear out of my right ear. i went to the ENT and was diagnosed with "sudden sensioneural hearing loss" (SSNHL), which is basically unexplained hearing loss of more than 30 decibels in a 72 hour time period. the ENT said it had a 33% chance of resolving on its own, a 33% chance of staying the same, and a 33% chance of getting worse and/or being permanent. the only treatment option? steroids. which, though not terrible, are somewhat controversial during pregnancy. an otologist recommended injecting steroids directly into my eardrum to limit baby's exposure - but the whole procedure sounded scary to me. so i waited. and waited. and waited.

i had limited hearing in that ear for almost 6 weeks. what made that really fun was scouring the internet for answers and finding that (a) there are almost no studies on pregnant women with SSNHL; (b) SSNHL only affects 4 in about 100,000 people; and (c) the majority of improvement (if any is experienced) is seen within the first 2 weeks. FUN. even though i acclimated fairly quickly to the hearing loss itself, the tinnitus (high pitched ringing) that accompanied it was harder to "get used to." i was terrified. thank god my sister-in-law (who is in her medical residency) was able to do some research that revealed that SSNHL is more common in pregnancy - and that the chances of it resolving on its own (either before or after delivery) were very good. google was not nearly as optimistic.

fortunately, a little over a week ago, it was recommended that i try going gluten-free to see if that made any difference. apparently, sometimes a pregnancy-induced gluten allergy can present itself with clogged ears and nose, etc. figuring i had nothing to lose, i gave up gluten. and, miraculously, my hearing CAME BACK. i am still pretty sensitive to pressure changes, but, other than that, things have been so. much. better. i am so incredibly grateful. and so incredibly hopeful that i can really enjoy the last trimester.

the (VERY) good news is that baby boy seems pretty unfazed. and things are moving right along. i had a mini anxiety attack about gaining too much weight at my last appointment (largely brought on by the fact that every pregnant woman i see was probably a size 2 pre-pregnancy), but i'm adjusting to this new body of mine.

preggo progression

i get pretty excited about meeting my son when i look at these pictures. then i giggle, because, omg, am i really pregnant?

DH and i have been trying to get out on the weekends before our duo becomes a trio.

a few weeks ago we went to Great Country Farms to pick strawberries. unfortunately, by the time we got there all the strawberries were gone, but we still had a good time. however, i discovered that "family friendly" meant that DH and i were literally the only people there that didn't have a child. we had charlotte though. so that counts, right?

dogs and cows
charlotte meeting a cow (neither were very impressed)

they had a pretty impressive slide built out of conduit piping. i convinced DH to give it a whirl. he was the only adult sans child to attempt it that day, but i think (secretly) he enjoyed the fact that i forced him into it.

slide time
DH embracing his inner child

and of course this presented an excellent photo opp:

off with your head!

but one of my favorite parts? seeing this:

it's beyonce!

(for those of you that have no idea what i'm talking about, i HIGHLY recommend that you read this blog - it's amazing.)

the next weekend, we went to Lake Needwood and rented a dog-friendly paddleboat. it was so much fun.

cutiefamily piclife jacket

isn't the life jacket the cutest thing you've ever seen? when charlotte was a puppy, she had an unfortunate incident at the dog park that has made her hate anything water-related ever since. she was chasing a big dog around and, without realizing it, ran right into the doggy pool. the shock of being wet and underwater royally freaked her out - so she is very distrusting of non-solid ground. i was proud to see that, on the boat, she was pretty content. she even let DH dunk her in a few times to cool off. and she was pretty intrigued by the geese (that, at times, got about a foot away from our boat).

the next saturday, i went and saw Spank! with my sister-in-law. for anyone out there that secretly and shamefully read the 50 shades series, this is a must. it was hilarious - and made of fun of everything i made fun of while reading the books. seriously. check it out.

and finally...this past weekend was our six year anniversary. we went to a food festival in a neighboring town and then had a quiet dinner at Jaleo. we love that restaurant. and i love it even more now that i realized they have an entire gluten-free menu. who knew? i am so blessed to have DH in my life. it hasn't always been easy, but this relationship is, hands-down, the thing i am most proud of in my life. it's almost overwhelming to know that he'll be every bit as good of a father as he is a husband. baby boy did a good job picking a dad. i can't believe this was our last anniversary just the two of us. kind of awesome.

maybe i'll update more often now...maybe?


Lookin good there mamma :) So excited for you. And happy anniversary. And those pics of Charlotte are too dang cute. *HUGS* miss you