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some (really important) news

I keep wanting to update the blog.

And then I get really overwhelmed because there are so many things that I haven't blogged about. DH and I had a great Christmas vacation. We went back to home state and got to catch up with friends and family. We went on an amazing snowmobiling trip with friends and toasted to the new year while sitting in a hot tub in the middle of the mountains.

Then we had really nice birthdays. We went to Chicago to see "Book of Mormon" (fantastic, in case you didn't know) and then took an extended weekend to Charlottesville, VA.

But all the trips were overshadowed by some big news.

Namely, this:

preggo tests


We knew in Chicago, so DH took a picture of our bean in front of "the bean."


So blessed. So excited. So scared. So...sick.

I spent the first SIXTEEN weeks of the pregnancy throwing up. Baby does not like sweets. Learned that the hard way. (Let's just say that after hurling up a cupcake, you lose the desire to indulge.)

But seeing this made it worth it:

12 weeks

Little he/she is 12 weeks old in that photo. Pretty amazing.

We shared the news with our families via Charlotte:


After we confirmed that we were having a baby and not, in fact, going to be buying a puppy, people were very happy for us. And it made it seem much more real to get to share it all with them.

I am 18 1/2 weeks now. Due on September 20th. Until recently, I thought I was sort of in the "in between stage." I didn't look pregnant - but I looked a little, well, chubby. But, in the last week or so, I "popped." In a big way. So much so (apparently) that a senior-level attorney at work asked me if I was positive I wasn't having twins. AWESOME. I am trying (and sort of failing) to have a sense of humor about all of it. But what is the matter with people?1 (And yes, there is only one baby in there. And he/she is worth this. For sure.)

18 weeks

The sign says "18 weeks" - and, since I was unwilling to brave the cherry blossom crowds again this year, this neighborhood specimen did just fine. :)

This afternoon, we got Charlotte in on the action:

puppy love

Man, I love that dog.

We don't find out gender until Friday - but, in the interim, I have been doing by best buying gender-neutral clothes:


And, thanks to some very generous moms, cousins and friends, I have a slew of maternity clothes. (My quickly growing tummy and I appreciate your generosity!)

preggo clothes

I'm not going to blog about fruit.2 Or whether my wedding rings still fit. If I do, I'll end up stressing out about missing a week (or ten) and then this blog will officially phase out. I'm keeping the news off of Facebook. Instead, I am going to try to stay in the moment. I am so grateful that I will get to be someone's mother. I was so scared that maybe I couldn't be. And as much as the woman inside of me wants all of her cute clothes to fit, I am going to embrace my changing shape as a sign that something really miraculous is going on. I have a lifetime to diet and exercise. For now, I have mint M&Ms and grapefruit juice. Bliss.

1So far, I'm more alarmed with how other parts of the body grow during this process. Just saying.[↩]

2According to the fruit gods, baby measures somewhere between the size of a sweet potato (18 weeks) and a mango (19 weeks). The mangoes I just bought are markedly smaller than a sweet potato. By week 20, baby grows to the size of a...banana. Say what? Maybe it's because I shop at Whole Foods too much, but our bananas are teeny. More plaintainish than anything else. So my sizing references are all messed up. I get confused too easily to play along.[↩]


OMG congrats Rachel and Chris! *HUGS*


Woa! Congrats!


I love the pictures! So excited to be an aunt, I can't even control it. call me on Friday once you guys get the news!

Love you!!!

PS - it's about time you updated this thing :)


congrats (from jenn over at dogsburger)!!

charlotte seems quite ready to be the big sister. :)


so happy for the two of you!